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3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

The farm was first owned by the Howes brothers, who cultivated an apple orchard, raised dairy cows, cut hay and practiced forestry management. Today, the property looks a lot different, with only remnants of the old orchard and many then saplings now forming massive clusters of spruce and pine. However, each summer, hay is mowed, teddered, raked, and baled to feed the herd of Belted Galloway beef cows that call the farm home. In addition to cows, the Andersen-Pratt and Haerer families raise chickens and have extensive vegetable and flower gardens and berry patches. In the coming years, the farm will be expanded to include pigs and sheep, as well as a even more fruits, vegetables, flowers, and grapes.


Woodsmoke Farm is located in Ashfield, Massachusetts, a hilltown situated on the edge of the Berkshires. The location is 2-3 hours from the Hudson Valley, New York City, Boston, and much of New England, and 1.5 hours or less from Hartford, Springfield, and Albany. The venue was born from sharing our love of the farm and the amazing location with folks interested in having their dream wedding in a rural setting without being too far off the beaten path. Situated at 1800 feet, the view from the top of the farm looks over three states - spanning across northern Massachusetts to the Green Mountains of Vermont, northeast to Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire, and east to Wachusett Mountain. It might the most unique view in all of western Massachusetts and the Berkshire region. Much of the farm is protected with an agricultural preservation restriction through the Franklin Land Trust, so the farm will remain a farm/forest property in perpetuity. As a result, the farm will never undergo any major changes, and our clients are always welcome back to visit.


All the animals raised on the farm are chemical and GMO free and fed only grass and organic grains (chickens only). Additionally, all crops grown on the farm and the soil are currently chemical/pesticide free other than organic treatments.

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